The colonial empire doesn't tolerete the Hungarian flag even at the National Holiday

Thursday, October 23, 2014

MEP Krisztina Morvai commemorated the 58th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising in her EU parliament address; meanwhile, she denounced EU officials that ordered the confiscation of small paper flags from a group of Hungarian students arrived in the EU parliament at the National Holiday. Now, the question arises on what moral ground can the European Union preach the importance of human rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression asked Morvai.



Angela Bogaczy said...

Little Hungarian flags (in the hands of visiting Hungarian students on the anniversary of outbreak of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956) are unacceptable in the EP. Ah, these champions of 'civil society'! Would the EP confiscate American or Israeli flags in a parallel situation? (No prizes for the right answer.)

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