The liberal mob celebrates tonight as PM Viktor Orbán announced the withdrawal of the Internet tax legislation

Friday, October 31, 2014

The liberal establishment will throw a party tonight to celebrate the withdrawal of the Internet tax legislation by the government.

The atlanticist media are already dreaming of a Majdan-style uprising in Hungary; the corporate media shifted into a higher gear flooding the Internet with disinformation trying to whip up anti-government sentiments among the population - for instance, published a series of photos dubbed love on the Ukrainian barricades.

El Qro (also known as Gyurcsany) yesterday met seventeen western diplomats to “discuss” the unfolding situation in the country in the wake of the anti-Internet tax protests. Gyurcsany called on the European Union to introduce punitive measures against the Hungarian government by withholding payments from companies allied themselves with the Orbán government.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona in his facebook entry and in an interview with Hir TV expressed his suspicion that foreign intelligence agencies might be behind the anti-tax demonstrations.

The Ukrainian scenario will never succeed in Hungary. No matter how much support the atlanticist parties receive as the treasonous opposition is not in the position (and never will be) to grab the initiative and offer a credible alternative to the population. At the end when all the dust settles the foreign puppet-masters and their local agents will be disappointed once again; their attempt to pull off a Majdan-style coup d'état to take over the country will fail no matter how much they lie as they suffer a credibility gap over everything they say.



Angela Bogaczy said...

Actually, the 'liberals' (aka the progeny of Bolsheviks and their perfect look-alike) have been thoroughly suckered. All this fuss about something as little as a *draft* law that meant to do no more than tax ISPs, who may have passed the costs to their clients? Meanwhile, pretty much every EU country has a tax like Britain's VAT, which is a mechanism that directly taxes the consumer. I wonder why the harridan Neelie Kroes fails to see that situation as one that means to curb free speech, but she did see the draft law as having precisely that intention. (How, for goodness' sakes! Her vision is as distorted as her face.)

This episode showed the 'liberal' maws champing for blood and violence: any excuse will do. Yes, a Hungarian Maidan would suit them nicely. De abből viszont nem harapnak!

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