The National Policy Institute Budapest Conference will be held as a private event and won't be open to the public as originally planned

Friday, October 3, 2014

The head of the US-based National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer is already in Budapest. In an interview with the head of the organization revealed that the conference will be held as a private gathering and won't be open to the media as originally planned due to the Hungarian government's decision to ban the event. He didn't disclose the location of the conference, which will be held on Saturday.

The number of participants attending the conference is expected to be around 75-100 as opposed to the originally planned 250-300 said Spencer.

When asked why Budapest was chosen to host the conference the president said, because their organization had good relations with UK-based Arktos Media here that initially was supportive of the event but later withdrew its support for the gathering. Spencer also remarked that Budapest was a wonderful city, and it lies on the border between East and West.

The chairman of the NPI also revealed that his airplane landed in Vienna and he traveled by train to Budapest.

Spencer remarked that they continue collaborating with some journalists here but not with Jobbik as the radical nationalist party distanced itself from the event after the government banned the conference.

In the interview, the head of the NPI also remarked that he didn't particularly like Jobbik's Eastern Partnership policy (Jobbik advocating a strong alliance among Hungary's Asian sister nations including Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and also with Russia)

The head of the National Policy Institute ridiculed accusations by some who claim that the conference has been sponsored by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the meantime, he remarked that he understood the motives behind these accusations.

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Tito Perdue said...

The "conservative" government of Hungary likes to represent itself as a democratic organization that provides the normal freedoms required by the EU. But in fact the Hungarian state, by disallowing white nationalists - I speak here of the effort by The National Policy Institute to meet in Budapest - to enter Hungary, exposes itself as functioning not much differently from previous Hungarian dictatorships.
Tito Perdue

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