The Speaker of the House László Kövér summed up what most Hungarians think about the European Union

Sunday, October 26, 2014

In an exclusive interview with Echo TV on Thursday, the Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér made several interesting remarks regarding the European Union. He said if the EU wanted to regulate Hungary with dictates it was better to start thinking about slowly pulling out of the organization. Often Brussels think that it can dictate the rules of conduct to member states like it was the case in the Soviet Union said the speaker of the house. If indeed this is the future of the European Union, it is worth thinking about slowly pulling out of the organization. As an example, Kövér recalled the Tavares report that denounced Hungary accusing the national government of violation of human rights and other rules of conduct.

Kövér added that he hoped that this nightmarish scenario wouldn't prevail in the European Union. The real problem is not the European Union or NATO but the fact that the euro-Atlantic world morally imploded said Kövér.

"Now, that the communist system as a threat has gone the governments of some western countries, or some informal financial conglomerates think that they can do whatever they want - they can change current values overnight if they wish or they can scold other states." said Kover.

Együtt-PM and other globalist fringe parties financed from abroad got hysterical over the remarks and called on the prime minister to discipline the speaker of the house for what he said.

The liberal establishment also enraged. It is likely that in the coming days, the local and foreign corporate media will launch another anti-Hungarian campaign against the country over the remarks.



Anonymous said...

Time to LEAVE the Comecon #2.
Comecon was like eating bad, tainted food.
We regurgitated it in 1990.
Then we ate the regurgitated vomit, made by the EU to look like chocolate cake, that's why it's WORSE.
Comecon #1 retarded HU development, but there was still (slow) progress.
Joining the EU (and it's precursor to facilitate the joining) DESTROYED the production/productive economy of HU. (Think of Chinoin, Ganz, Ikarus, Szerencs, Globus, Orion, and hundreds of others).

Doing monkey-like assembly work from parts made and engineering done elsewhere, is NOT a value-adding economy. It is a dependent, externally controlled SLAVE economy, where all profits added by labor (assembly) are TAKEN OUT of Hungary and from the Hungarian economy.

It is an overall NET LOSS to HU situation, and that is the plain and simple answer why HU's wages are so low and WILL REMAIN so, until a value creating economy will be in place (again).
With the current economic and political straitjacket of EU tyranny and dictatorship, HU has zero chance to catch up to the West. Absolute, total zero. Nil, nada, zilch. Lately even the human intellectual assets necessary to create a value-creating economy, have been vacuumed out of HU via emigration to Western Europe (with HU paid for the education costs - to boot). It's intellectual rape of the country, no less. In the US an average medical education is $ half a million.
How many thousands of Hungarian physicians left the country, educated by the people of HU - as there was no tuition, or only a tiny, token amount if the student performed below a set standard (but still passed)?

HU is being KILLED - knowingly, slowly, methodically, deliberately - but make no mistake, it is still murder - fast or slow - and the end result will be the same.

We thought the Soviets were bad - but as it turned out - they were just depriving and maybe torturing us, killing wasn't on their mind.
The EU is offering the disguised, deodorized shit cake, laced with arsenic. We stupidly are gobbling it down thinking how much better it is than the Soviets' plain brown bread was. However, the cake will (and is already) giving us a stomachache, and the arsenic is starting to take effect too.
For those, who don't know, when arsenic has accumulated to a critical point, the victim dies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said brother. i'm one of those man got sucked out of the country by no opportunity after college. sorry to say that HU was gone long time ago.
excellent analysis

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