Three-time Olympic champion kayaker Katalin Kovács planning a come back

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Four months after giving birth to a baby girl three-time Olympic champion and 31-time wold champion kayaker Katalin Kovács already training hard; she is gradually regaining her former physical strength as she already trains regularly and she enjoys every minute of it. Kovács is planning to compete at major international tournaments in the spring.

During pregnancy, except for the last three months I trained, typically, I swam said Kovács. Two months after giving birth to my baby girl I started training again by swimming first; but now, I'm paddling as well, this is my fifth time I'm sitting in a kayak since I have given birth to my baby girl said Kovács.

"During pregnancy, I gained ten extra kilos, and I still have to get rid of two or three more kilos" said Kovács. She also revealed that due to breastfeeding her baby she had to somewhat modify her training procedure. She can swim and paddle but she can't run or lift weight because those exercises plug the milk ducts.

In the spring, of course, I want to compete; my goal is to get qualified for the next World Cup. The most important thing is to regain my strength. First, I want to catch up on two thousand meters then, in five hundred meters; if I succeed in those events only then make sense to talk about more concrete long term plans said Kovács.

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