Ukrainian interior ministry troops fled the Eastern front - they do not want to die for foreign interests

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ukrainian interior ministry troops fled the fighting-affected zone in eastern Ukraine - said the governor of Luhansk county Moskal Hennagij on Friday. The head of the county stated that the joint interior ministry troops of Poltava and Sumy regions and Kiev-2 volunteer battalion left the war-zone near Chornuhine and Debalceve claiming they were serving under the interior ministry rather than the defense ministry.

The governor of Moskal said government troops at the Debalceve area have been surrounded from three sides by rebel fighters.

Over the desertion of the troops the governor of Luhansk county filed an official complaint with Prosecutor General Vitaly Jarema.

Chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios said at a Wednesday's press-conference in Kiev that 326 members of the Prikarpattya Battalion are responsible for the death of more than one hundred Ukrainian troops because they arbitrarily left their posts.

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