Atlanticist fringe party supporters demonstrated at the parliament building Monday evening

Monday, November 17, 2014

Atlanticist fringe party supporters staged a protest rally at the parliament building Monday evening under EU, US, and Norwegian flags to express their opposition over the Orbán government's nationalist policies and pledge allegiance to the colonizers of the country.

The corrupt media machine advertised the event all day long blowing the initiative out of proportion giving the impression that the demonstration was the beginning of something big perhaps the end of the Orbán government.

The overwhelming majority of the protesters were middle-aged people and retirees (look at the photos) and some younger assets probably planted by the hidden hand that organized the event.

Agent provocateurs began the day by disrupting the work of the parliament as two globalist operatives showed up in the parliament chamber wearing Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán T-shirts.

Because by now everyone knows who is behind color revolutions – other than the brain-dead and the willingly ignorant – the initiative lost its element of surprise and therefore, doomed to failure.

The overwhelming majority of Hungarian youth would never participate in an event like this that's why the crowd largely made up by middle-aged people and retirees.

Socialist MP Agnes Kunhalmi displays two EU flags in the window of the parliament building to provoke Hungarians

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0jr said...

The bloody bolshevik barbarians are at the gates.

0jr said...

CIA cranks up the colour revolution against viktor orban, who is out of line on the impending WW3

Angela Bogaczy said...

Ojr, like you, I earned niqnaq's dismissal. :) Is that chap for real?

Anonymous said...

It is the bolshevist, "internationalist" Jews to whom Hungary (or any other country - except Israel) is just an address.
They HATE Hungary and Hungarians, but as long as they can make money on the backs of Hungarians, it's OK.
Because their hate of Hungary and the magyars, is the wholesale embrace of the EU.

Their ideal is the United States of Europe, a cookie-cutter clone of the US, which is already under Jewish power, and they are sure, the SAME can/will happen in Europe.
(Ariel Sharon to Simon Peres: "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” (2001).

Nationalism, national identity is an anathema to these monsters.

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