Former adviser of Czech President Vaclav Klaus cautioned the Hungarian government

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Petr Hájek, a former adviser of the Czech President cautioned the Hungarian government by suggesting that if the Orbán government continues its independent policies and keeps "disobeying" Washington and Brussels it must prepare for the worst.

The former adviser explained that the west used a fabricated corruption scandal to removed Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas from power the last year.

The Czech government decided under the Necas government to expand the Temelín nuclear power plant; soon after the decision, the Czech prime minister traveled to Moscow and called for equal opportunities for companies wanted to take part in the expansion project. This single statement by the prime minister was enough for the west to fabricate a corruption scandal and force PM Petr Necas to resign from office explained Petr Hájek.

The Orbán government is in a similar "disobedient" mode as the Necas government was back then. In addition, when the Czech government was overthrown there was no Ukrainian crisis yet - said Petr Hájek to M1 TV adding that "the interest of the United States to keep Europe under control has become more urgent now than it was before the Ukrainian crisis. The former adviser also remarked that the Orbán government's policies are more far reaching than the Petr Necas government's policies were when he was forced to resign.

This policy of the Orbán government may start the process that may end up in a coup d'étate said Hájek.

"I can't see deeply enough into the Hungarian government's policies but it is obvious that those who don't like the Orbán government's policies already in the process of implementing the same scenario what they used against the Czech government – first, they create tension in society then, they form opposition groups that demand the resignation of the government "- explained Petr Hájek.

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