Hundreds of people demonstrate against gypsy crime in Nagykáta

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Sixty-four County Youth Movement and several other patriot groups demonstrated against gypsy crime in the town of Nagykáta on Saturday as the residents of the town suffer horribly from minority crime tacitly supported by elements hostile to the Hungarian nation.

Government measures to contain the criminal activities of the minority failed spectacularly so far due to the known reasons. Even mentioning the existence of Gypsy crime calls for an immediate condemnation by those controlling the social agenda in the country; gypsy crime is one of the main weapons in the hands of those organizations that are waging a clandestine proxy war on the Hungarian nation.

Most recently, gypsy criminals assaulted a high school student because he wore Kárpátia rock-band T-shirt. In an other incident, young gypsy criminals wanted to rape a young boy at the city's railway station.

Recently, a mass brawl broke out among gypsy and Hungarian high school students in a local school as Hungarian educational institutions are forced to accept anti-social children of gypsy crime families in their institutions. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Residents of the town told journalists that violence has been a common feature of the town for years; in recent years, the situation even worsened due to the tacit encouragement of the minority by anti-Hungarian forces calling themselves NGOs or civilian organizations payrolled by foreign assets. Gypsy criminals sensing the support of these forces and also the timidity of law-enforcement agencies when it comes to prosecuting minority crime, which only embolden them to commit more crimes.

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Géza said...

this is a good example for closed borders to third world immigrants, wait till the country is full of african and arab immigrants, then it really gets worse. Because this will happen in the coming years with EU membership, all treaties and western style immigration laws. Slowly we import the third world, rape, violence, huge crime waves, third world immigrants on key positions in politics demanding more and more rights, NGO's protecting them and all the problems the West is facing today! They just show our future if we don't take action.

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