Intellectual mobilization: An increasing number of journalists around the world speaking up against the demonization of Russia and the approaching war

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Must see video! German subtitled in Hungarian.

German journalist Ken Jebsen explains to the misled public what are the real reasons behind the US instigated civil war in Ukraine and the demonization of Russia.

According to the journalist, those that controlling the US and the west want to start a war in a hope that they can put their hands on the wast natural resources of Russia; the rest of Europe has already been sufficiently looted and it is not interesting anymore to the overlords.

The journalist compares the current policies of the west towards Russia with that of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries around the world that the US invaded and completely destroyed.

However, Russia is not Iraq says the journalist; to start a nuclear war with Russia might end humanity as we know it. Those who think that a war against one of the biggest nuclear powers in the world can be won are dreaming. These madmen even figured that if 20 million Russians and 15 million Europeans die in the upcoming war the balance will still be positive for the Europeans says the journalist.

The general public is like sleepwalking dead, they think whatever happens they won't be affected because that's what the media tell them.

Everyone has to take the streets, at least once in a lifetime and remove the warmongers from power. There is no other way to stop the approaching catastrophe says the journalist.

The US thinks it can stay out of the nuclear war, which can be contained within the continent so benefiting from the destruction of Europe says the journalist.

The German original subtitled in Hungarian.


Anonymous said...

Will Russia, Germany Save Europe from War ? By Pepe Escobar

...Essentially, it’s very simple. It’s up to Germany. And it’s all about undoing Stalin.

Stalin, at the outset of World War II, took East Prussia from Germany and moved the eastern part of Poland into Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine was originally from Russia; it is part of Russia and was given by Lenin to Ukraine.

So let’s have East Prussia returned to Germany; the eastern part of Poland returned to Poland; and eastern Ukraine as well as Crimea – which Khrushchev gave to Ukraine – returned to Russia.

Everyone get their share. No more Stalin. No more arbitrary borders. That’s what the Chinese would define as a “triple win” situation. Of course, the Empire of Chaos would fight it to death; there would be no more chaos manipulated to justify a crusade against bogus Russian “aggression”...

Democratizing the Media in Ecuador

The theme is that ‘communication is a right’, a citizen’s right. Freedom of expression in Ecuador is no longer just the right of a large media corporation to publish what it likes, without social accountability. The new law, based on President Rafael Correa’s ‘Citizen’s Revolution’ and the 2008 Constitution, emphasises citizen’s rights, access to information, new spaces for participation in media, a fomenting of ‘plurality and diversity’ in media, the prohibition of media monopolies and banning media ownership by other economic sectors. It promotes participation and redress for Ecuador’s citizens. Television and radio licenses are, by law, being gradually redistributed towards a 33 /33 /34 mix between public, private and community sectors. Through its main agent, the Superintendence of Information and Communication, the law aims to create a democratic media culture. The political implications are never far away. Visiting Spanish politician Maite Mola pointed out: ‘If there is no democratisation of the media there is no democracy in the country’...

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