Jordanian-born businessman Osama Naffa could be the next Hungarian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is about to appoint Jordanian-born businessman as the next Hungarian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates learned

According to news reports, the ministry of foreign affairs has already recalled current Ambassador Zoltan Hansel from the region. Hansel previously worked as the head of the IT security in the foreign ministry. Ministry officials haven't confirmed the new appointment yet and provided an evasive answer when a question was posed about the news report by saying that ambassador selection procedures are not public.

Earlier, Osama Naffa worked as the director responsible for Hungary's relations with the Arab world at the Hungarian National Trading House Co. Ltd.

National Trading House Zrt was formed with the aim to explore new markets and new business opportunities for Hungarian enterprises.

The company oversees the activities of Hungarian trading houses around the world. So far 19 countries host Hungarian trading houses among them Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

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Géza said...

so now we start to give these positions to third world immigrants in Hungary too??? Very sad news!! Don't we have hungarians anymore? This is how things started in the West...

Anonymous said...


To Mr. Géza Said... said...

Nikola Sárkozy came olso as president to France from the third world immigrants too ?

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