Major mayoral election battle shaping up between Hungarians and gypsies in the city of Ózd

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The court ordered new elections in several Hungarian municipalities including Ózd where Jobbik candidate David Janiczak won the mayoral race. The election results have been challenged by the opposition that couldn't gracefully accept defeat.

The court decision to repeat the election upset lots of Hungarians in fact, they felt that the verdict insulted their intelligence; as a result, several sympathy demonstrations have been staged in the past few days in Ózd in support of winning candidate Dávid Janiczak.

Jobbik unleashed nearly 100 election observers over the city who are on the streets to record every suspicious event. reporting that the hillsides of the town (where the gypsies live) are crowded by large groups of gypsies herded towards election stations. The losers of the first round of the mayoral race are hoping that by buying up gypsy votes they can overturn earlier election results. According to Jobbik election observers, organized gift distributions to gypsies have been taking place all over the city.

Election observers have recorded several irregularities in the city already in the early morning hours. The photos above show a scene where sacks of potatoes have been distributed to potential gypsy voters.

This disgraceful situation must be very humiliating to decent gypsy voters who have already been integrated into Hungarian society. There are several reports indicating that in the first round of the mayoral race many gypsy voters supported Jobbik candidate Dávid Janiczak.

Jobbik Executive Director Gábor Szabó warned that organized transportation of gypsies to voting stations by activists linked to the Fidesz party has been taking place in gypsy populated parts of the city.

It is disgusting how certain assets use gypsies as tools to hold on to power indicated by the Jobbik party. This behavior represents a total contempt and humiliation of the Hungarian electorate, but hopefully this despicable behavior of the opposition will mobilize the Hungarian electorate prompting them to go to vote said the director.

Gypsies waiting for a lift.

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