Partial vote count for the mayoral elections in Ózd indicates landslide Jobbik victory

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The mood at Jobbik headquarters is ecstatic. Partial vote count for the mayoral election indicates that Dávid Janiczek won by a landslide. Nothing is sure yet, but the partial results are encouraging and there is reason to be exited.

A jubilant crowd of thousands waited for newly elected Mayor Dávid Janiczak to arrive the party headquarters and marched with him to the city hall. People waving from the windows, and balconies of apartment buildings so celebrating the victory of Janiczak. Right now, the newly elected mayor is speaking before a large crowd in front of the city hall.


Dávid Janiczek (Jobbik): 10,299 votes, 64.44%

Pál Fürjes (Fidesz): 5076 votes 31.76%
Zoltán Veres (MSZP DK): 520 votes, 3.25%
Béla Kónya (Labour Party) 60 votes, 0.38%
József Gál (Social Democrats), 14 votes, 0.09%
Anna Melinda Toth (JESZ) 13 votes, 0.08%

Historical success

Jobbik issued a statement at the eve of the historic mayoral election victory by Dávid Janiczak

Hungary is no longer what it was yesterday. Jobbik candidate for mayor, Dávid Janiczak received two-thirds of the votes achieving a historic victory...

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