PM Viktor Orbán: The EU project is stalled

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"The project we call the European Union is stalled" said PM Viktor Orbán in Baden-Baden, Germany in front of 150 German company owners at an event organized by the Family Business Foundation (Stiftung Familienunternehmen).

It is absolutely necessary to renew the European policy, but the problem is that there is "no one to do it" even by knowing that "time is against us" said MP Viktor Orbán.

Europe is facing "uncomfortable truths" therefore, all EU member states must carry out their homework - "we have to work for every Euro we spend". We need strong political leadership in order to solve the continent's problems and to break the high energy prices that negatively impact most businesses. We have to understand that alternative energy is unaffordable – too expensive, therefore, nuclear energy is indispensable and Europe needs Russia from the energy security point of view.

Orbán noted that immigration is not a good police for Europe; demographic issues instead, should be solved by improving family policies.

The Prime Minister described Hungary as an economic success story but a "political black sheep". The country is a "black sheep" because it goes against the main currents of mainstream European political trends in terms of values. The negative perception of our country started by the debates on the new Hungarian Basic Law introduced by his government.

Regarding the performance of the Hungarian economy Orbán pointed out the low budget deficit, the reduction of the national debt, and the "flying" trade balance - this year's economic growth is expected to be around 3.2 percent. The Prime Minister added that German companies have played a major role in the Hungarian success story.

The prime minister also noted that if he manages to defend the Hungarian energy policy in Brussels, in 2018 the cost of energy in Hungary will be at the same level as that of the United States.

Regarding Ukraine, Viktor Orbán confirmed that Hungary supports Ukraine's sovereignty, because Hungary needs a buffer zone between Russia and Hungary. He also noted that he seeks good personal relations with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

The Prime Minister said the losers of the Ukrainian crisis are Ukraine itself, and the European Union including all of Central Europe; but Russia despite some losses have won something, and now, it hangs on to it. This is relentless geopolitics. We only have losses. Today, once again the Americans and the Russians dictate the rules of the game because Europe does not have its own strategy.

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