Romania trying to intimidate Csángó Hungarian kids

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Moldavian government officials seek to undermine Hungarian language education in Csángó settlements in Moldavia. In addition, they use the Norwegian fund to support the anti-Hungarian initiative and intimidate students writes

The president of Bacau County Council Dragos Benea recently met a selection Csángó kids and warned them that the Hungarian government educational support "violates Moldavian Romanians dignity".

The Romanian official told the kids that schools will soon eliminate Hungarian-language programs, the Hungarian teachers will be laid off and instead they introduce Italian language courses.

Ethnographer Tinka Nyisztor reported the news on a social networking site voicing outrage about the children's intimidation attempt many of whom have Hungarian citizenship.

Apparently, the Romanian official called the Csángó Hungarian language ugly and useless.

The president of "Szent István" Association said they've learned about the incident from a student's mother whose child took part in the meeting. The head of the Hungarian Educators Association (RMPSZ) Attila Márton, who is also the coordinator of the Moldavian Hungarian education program, said they were also informed about the incident, but since the meeting took place between children and a Romanian official it was difficult to find out exactly what was said.

There is nothing new about this incident. Moldavian officials don't hide the fact that Hungarian is not welcome in Csángó Hungarian settlements said András Duma the head of "Klézse Loves You" foundation.

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