Russia is not an enemy but a partner

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Russia is not an enemy, but a partner said international participants of a round table discussion on the common European energy policy organized by the European Commission with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hungary has been represented by the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy András Aradszki.

The discussion focused on Europe's dependence on Russian natural gas; the round table has been attended by experts from several countries including Hungary, Poland, Germany, and France.

Hungarian representative András Aradszki said Russia was not an enemy, Hungary considered Russia as a major supplier of natural gas, and the country should have a role in European energy supply. Without Russian gas European energy market is not viable - he added - all parties agreed with the statement.

The level of Russian gas deliveries to Europe depends on the diversification of supply routes, and the deliveries shouldn't be disrupted by political upheavals said the secretary.

Regarding the Ukrainian crisis, the secretary noted that Russian gas deliveries to eastern-Europe should be free of political machinations. An independent Ukraine is a common European interest, on the other hand, safe gas supply must also be ensured; therefore, diversifying both the source of gas and delivery routes are common national interest said Aradszki.

The secretary of state pointed out that Hungarian natural gas import is heavily dependent on Russian deliveries, which until now has been very reliable; but for the future, Hungary seeks to diversify its energy imports; we wasted ten years with the Nabucco pipeline plan, that supposed to deliver Azerbaijani natural gas to Europe added the secretary.

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