So far 680 thousand people have applied for Hungarian citizenship

Friday, November 14, 2014

So far, a total of 680 citizenship applications have been received by the various government agencies and nearly 630 thousand new Hungarian citizens have already taken the citizenship oath said Tamás Wetzel, Assistant Secretary to the Prime Minister in charge of national policy to MTI on Friday. The assistant secretary also announced that more than 22 thousand citizenship applications have been rejected.

The deputy secretary remarked that as part of the state reform program, further simplifications are expected in citizenship application procedures in the near future.

According to Wetzel, interest in Hungarian citizenship remains very high; most applicants submit their applications in Hungarian embassies. Erdély continues to be the region where most citizenship applications are handed in.

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Anonymous said...

A country-by-country breakdown would be useful and informative.
A Jewish, (anti-Hungarian) fifth column from Israel is likely in the mix, whom we need like a hole in the head, and two humps on our back.
I've never met a Hungarian Jew, who didn't hate us, wasn't a socialist/leftist and not looked down with derision on us magyars, utterly convinced of his/her specialness, choseness, superiority and a visceral, pathological need to be in power over the native, indigenous goys of his/her host nation.

Magyarul: Egy a cél: Bomlasztani a magyar nemzetet (és Europát is) ravaszul, alattomosan, belülröl. Az EU imádatuk is erröl szól.

Anonymous said...

you are so right about this and also all kind of offspring of stupid Hungarians who mixed with negroes and arabs are in it too..

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