The founder of the HVIM László Toroczkai is one of the most popular mayors in the country

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The founder of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement, László Toroczkai currently causing quite a few headaches to the globalist establishment of the country. Toroczkai has been re-elected in landslide in October as the Mayor of Ásotthalom for the second time with Jobbik support. It is beyond doubt that Toroczkai does something very well that's why the corporate media continually attacking him. In October Ásotthalom civil guard has been chosen as the best self-defense organization of the year.

Taking advantage of the new regulations, a couple of weeks ago Ásotthalom wildlife guard unit was officially formed, which currently consists of three members, equipped with horses and small fire arms. Two members of the guard assigned to the horse patrol unit, covering a huge 122 square kilometers area scattered by small farms; the unit also owns a Lada Niva jeep capable of tackling tough terrain.

The popularity of Toroczkai and his policies among other things, due to the restoration of law and order in the town; this caused quite a panic among atlanticist circles. One of the main weapons of this establishment against Hungarian society is the tacit promotion of minority crime; this is why their media constantly attacking Toroczkai by disseminating outrageous lies about the newly formed civil guard - they lied for instance that members of the guard have already shot someone.

In addition to the wildlife guard unit an 18-strong civil guard has also been formed. They patrol the municipality and the surrounding farms with motorbikes and cars. This year the headquarters of the civil guard has been renovated by the municipality. In October, Ásotthalom civil guard won the "Association of the Year" award.

In 2014 Ásotthalom civil guard captured hundreds of mostly African and South Asian illegal migrants, Serbian people smugglers, thieves and Romanian burglars.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Superb work from László Toroczkai! I am surprised that he is 'getting away with it', i.e., there has been no attempt to make a new Gyöngyöspata of Ásotthalom. (Richard Field must be gnashing his teeth.)

Ricsi said...

Dear Angela, Richard Field is currently writing his venom on a new Soros backed website called 'Hungarian Balance'-as usual this lefty site is full of critique about anything Fidesz or Jobbik do,just another Eva Balogh like Hungarian hater,

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