The outcry is growing across Europe against the US policy of forcing EU countries to widen sanctions against Russia.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö publicly demanded that the leadership of the EU and the US immediately put an end to the political pressure on the country to further widen sanctions against Russia.

The Finnish president said there were times when Finnish-Russian relations weren't that good, "... but we must not forget that we have a 1300 km long common border, which is more than any other EU country has with Russia, and a significant part of our economy is built on exporting goods to the Russian market.

There is an Europe-wide high indignation, among German, Italian, French and other food producers because of the sanctions. French apple producers pelted police with unsold apples, others poured manure at EU offices as their vegetables and fruits can not be sold due to sanctions.

In France, a farmer tucked an EU flag into a dung heap. Although Angela Merkel confirmed the need for sanctions against Russia yesterday, a group of top German managers arrived in Moscow to find a way out of the predicament that the servile German government maneuvered the country. Members of the delegation included top managers of the largest German companies like Siemens, Metro, Daimler and others.

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