The radical-atlanticist Gyurcsany gang wants to abolish Hungarian statehood

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The chairman of the radical-atlanticist Democratic Coalition, Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said at his party conference on Saturday that the primary goal of his party to overthrow the democratically elected government by holding an early general election.

The protest movements and the radical-atlanticist opposition parties can't have other goal than to force the government to hold early parliamentary elections. We have to do everything in our power to force the government to hold early elections; we can't allow the government to complete its full term in office said Gyurcsany who openly represents foreign interests in Hungary.

Gyurcsany said he wanted to create a broad-based coalition among the Facebook protest movements and the radical-atlanticist parties; in other words, he acknowledged that the atlanticist parties wanted to use the protest movements as tools to catapult the fringe parties into power - they have to understand that ousting the government is just the first step; the ultimate goal is to build a new republic in Hungary said mental patient Ferenc Gyurcsany.

In his speech, Gyurcsany expressed his support for the establishment of a new European authority that would have the right to investigate corruption cases in any country and to remove any democratically elected government from office if finds it appropriate.

The radical-atlanticist politician stated that "there is no more ambiguous behavior and ambiguous words," the Hungarian government has to work with the atlanticist governments around the world and to turn against Russia.



Angela Bogaczy said...

Why do they (the fake-left) bother to keep featuring this git? Their doing so does us a favour -- we might otherwise forget the naked graft and reckless theft he and his ilk managed to carry on for some 20-odd years. We might, might we not? :)

Anonymous said...

Look at the SIX sided logo/emblem of the "Demokratikus koalocio".
The Tribe uses the "magic" six (6, 66, 666) constantly, as it it is their most important (superstitious) number, symbol.
These things are NEVER a coincidence; you'll notice too - if you pay attention.
Watch for ANYTHING with "six" or sixes.

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