Two meters high Iphone structure has been pulled down at St. Petersburg university campus

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Steve Jobs memorial has been pulled down at St. Petersburg university campus after the President of American IT giant Apple, Tim Cook publicly declared his homosexuality.

Western European Financial Association announced the news on its website; apparently, the company had to pull down the two-meter-high monument after the new CEO of Apple publicly announced his homosexuality.

Russian law prohibits "homosexual propaganda" among youth, so the company removed the structure from the university campus attended by "students and young scientists." Russian law protects young people from western homosexual propaganda denying the traditional family model said the news release.

The structure was erected in January 2013 to commemorate the second anniversary of Steve Jobs' death at the age of 56.

Russian news agency Tass reported that the structure was taken down for maintenance rather than what the company said.

Soon after Tim Cook publicly disclosed his homosexuality, St. Petersburg regional representative Vitaly Milonov called for banning Tim Cook from entering the country.

Fifty-three-year-old Tim Cook is the best-known American company CEO who openly admitted to being a homosexual.

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Ricsi said...

I used to admire Apple products but now see they are over arrogant and precipitating a downfall.
Also look how this 'gay' hangs around with hunky blacks LOL they are so obviously pushing the agenda in your face and the dumb sheeple accept it willingly.

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