Vaclav Klaus: The new cold war has been triggered by the West

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Today, the world is in the midst of a new cold war that hasn't been started by Russia, but the West said former Czech President Vaclav Klaus in a Russian television interview broadcasted Thursday night. I've never expected that in my lifetime, we end up once again in a second cold war. I've never expected it. I belong to those who believe that this cold war is not provoked by Moscow, but I fear that the other side. As a man who lived under communism for fifty years, I dare to say this, said Klaus, whose statement broadcasted by the Czech public television as well.

According to Klaus, the conflict between East and West has been triggered by the Ukrainian crisis. It's hard for me to say this but I fear that the Ukrainian crisis has bee exploited to create a new conflict between East and West, which should not have happened. The West took advantage of Ukraine's internal problems, the Russians merely reacted to what happened in Ukraine, which is not the root cause of the problem claimed the former Czech president.

If I look at the conflict as an internal Ukrainian matter, then I believe the conflict should be solved in Ukraine through dialogue, there is no other way. This conflict can't be solved in Moscow, Washington or Brussels.

Klaus also reiterated his earlier views about the possibility of the break-up of Ukraine. In this context, he recalled that Czechs and the Slovaks separated amicably and resolved the break-up of Czechoslovakia without conflict.

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