Viktor Orbán: The Hungarian government is pro-Hungarian

Friday, November 21, 2014

The protection of national interests and the preservation of the country's sovereignty are the main driving forces behind the Hungarian government's policies said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday in the Diaspora Council meeting in Budapest, in the Castle Garden Bazaar.

The prime minister stressed that Hungarians have no interest in a new Cold War. Only an economically successful nation can compensate for the current negative international perception of our country (thanks to the slanderous lies of the corrupt media machine ed.).

In a 70-minute speech the prime minister talked about the region's geopolitical challenges including the Ukrainian crisis: Hungary is a member of NATO and the European Union, and "it is loyal to its allies," even if it doesn't agree with some of its policies. Orbán reminded his audience that Hungary has adopted the policies of sanctions, even if those policies were against national interests.

Hungary is a loyal ally, but in the meantime, it does everything it can to protect the country's economic interests with due sincerity and cunning.

The prime minister announced that he wouldn't give his name to a policy that wanted to bring the Cold War back to Central Europe. We do not want to see anymore walls in Europe. He also said it was silly to call the Hungarian government of being pro-Russian; the fact is that the Hungarian government is pro-Hungarian.

If Hungary fails to be economically successful, it can't maintain successfully its position on the "intellectual fronts" said Orbán referring to the the ongoing economic and political debate in the country. It is hopeless to try to defend "Hungary's international reputation by engaging in ideological debates"; this is because the Hungarian government sees certain aspects of the world differently from its Western allies.

Economic success is a key element in the government's strategy to be able to counterbalance "the country's negative perception in the international political arena," explained the prime minister.

After the collapse of communism between 1990 and 2010, except the first civilian government's four-year term - the country was sold out; the successive governments maintained the illusion of a welfare state by engaging in heavy borrowing to create "the happiest barrack" the second time. The illusion however, evaporated quickly after the financial crisis in the past decade said Orbán.

The 2010 landslide election victory was a turning point; the mandate of the newly formed cabinet allowed the introduction of wide-ranging changes in the civil law and the legal system; as a result, we were able to protect national interests and restore the country's sovereignty.

We've adopted a new basic law that became known as the most scrutinized constitution in the whole world; in addition, we managed to restore economic self-determination, and revised our relations with the European Union. We have realized that the good European is not the one that swallows everything, but rather the one who stands up for its national interests said the prime minister adding that Hungary has regained its energy sovereignty as well.

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