Wolves returned to Zemplén county

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It seems that wolves permanently returned to north-east Hungary more precisely to Zemplén county said employees of Zemplén North Forest Office.

Company's employees repeatedly observed wolves in the inner-Zemplén forests especially in the area of Telkibánya, Gönc and Háromhuta. But rangers also found fresh footprints, as well as remains of prey in the same area.

Forestry experts observed what is the likely impact of the wolf on prey animals, especially on red deer and mouflon. In areas where the predator appeared red deer and mouflon roar silently, and the animals avoid the affected area altogether. The mouflon primary defense against the predator is to gather in large flocks.

At Aggtelek Karst, near the Szín-Szelcepuszta hunting area wolves are present for a decade, and in the Bükk Mountains they reappeared in recent years. In Zemplén county, besides the wolf the last year lynx also seems to reappeared said experts.

The biggest problem wolves are facing is the lack of large, undisturbed forest area and illegal shootings. Wolf is needed for the healthy functioning of wide life. They regulate herbivore species by controlling the deer and wild boar population and thus contributing to the regeneration of forest vegetation.

"Despite the fact that the wolf is a protected animal in Hungary since 1993, poachers still pose a danger for the species; if they caught poachers can count on stiff sentences – poaching is punishable by several years of imprisonment. Despite strict regulations, there are still reports of illegal shootings in the area. It is difficult to catch poachers who are hunting wolves either because they hate them or because of their trophy said forestry officials.

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