Hungary is new hot spot on migrant route into EU

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


ASOTTHALOM, Hungary (AP) — With the Mediterranean Sea becoming too treacherous and other routes blocked by barbed-wire fences, would-be migrants are taking a new route into the Europe Union: through Hungary.

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Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey's Nevşehir

By Erdinç Çelikkan

An underground city newly discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is located under the Nevşehir fortress and the surrounding area, may be the biggest archeological finding of 2014, which is soon to end. AA Photo

With 2014 soon coming to an end, potentially the year’s biggest archeological discovery of an underground city has come from Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is known world-wide for its Fairy Chimneys rock formation.

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Russia will arm Donetsk people militia if the Americans arm Kiev

The Russian State Duma reacted to US President Barack Obama's announcement indicating the US willingness to transfer military equipment accumulated in Afghanistan to the Ukrainian armed forces. The lower house of the Russian parliament warned the US president to think of the consequences of such a move.

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Picture of the day: Snowy Budapest

Monday, December 29, 2014

Photo: MTI

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Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT

Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food.

For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched biology and technology, over the years publishing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles [1]. In recent years she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer’s, autism, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health. Continue reading...

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The defense ministry issues tender for the purchase of 30 helicopters the next year - Defense Minister Csaba Hende

Defense Minister Csaba Hende in his year-end interview said the document specifying the requirements of the bidding process for 30 helicopters was already completed and waiting for government approval. The deliveries of the new helicopters are expected to start as early as 2016-17.

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A must read interview with the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér

Sunday, December 28, 2014

One of the goals of US interference in Hungary's internal affairs is to form a new controlled opposition party, something like the former "SZDSZ" so that no new government can be formed in 2018 and after without the support of this controlled force.

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Picture of the day: Baby giraffe is bottle-fed in Nyíregyháza Zoo

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Zookeeper László Kovács bottle feeding a baby giraffe in Nyíregyháza Zoo. MTI Photo: Balázs Attila

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Russia to pass into service new super-powerful ballistic missile in 2016

Friday, December 26, 2014

The commander of the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia (RVSN) Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev officially announced the previously secret information about the development of a heavy solid-fuel ballistic missile known as RS-26.

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Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró was hospitalized due to an abnormal heart rhythm

Jobbik spokeswoman and member of parliament Dóra Dúró was hospitalized for an abnormal heart rhythm just before Christmas writes the youngest member of parliament on Facebook.

"I received infusion, which helped me recover quickly. As a result, the heart monitor after the initial 150 pulses showed the normal value of 80 so I could go home; but an ultrasound and cardiac examination are still waiting for me, even if the main cause of discomfort was probably a viral infection.

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PM Viktor Orbán: US corruption charges against the Hungarian government is a ruse

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The United States accuses the Hungarian government of corruption in order to find a reason to interfere in the county's internal affairs said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with M1 TV on Tuesday.

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Trouble in the Kóbor family - the lead singer of Omega rock band János Kóbor's daughter starts doubting the existence of Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The lead singer of Omega rock band János Kóbor said to that this year's Christmas would be different from the previous ones because his 7 year-old daughter starts doubting the existence of Santa Claus.

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Food distribution to the needy at Christmas eve at Blaha Lujza square, in Budapest.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness distributes 30 tons of food to the needy at Blaha Lujza square, in Budapest.

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The lead signer of Los Angeles based Ingite rock band Zoli Téglás' new song “Kocsmárosné” debuted in MR2 Petőfi Radio

US born and raised Hungarian national singer - songwriter Zoltán Téglás newest song is an adaptation of a poem by 19th century poet Sándor Petőfi. The singer has chosen this poem as his newest recording because it recalls family memories from the 50s when his aunt worked in a pub in Veresegyháza, Hungary.

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Blessed 'Karacsun!' - 2014 Winter Solstice celebration was held in Gárdony on December 21

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Hungarian Turan Foundation celebrated 2014 Winter Solstice - the feast of the ancient Hungarian Karacsun – with outdoor activities on December 21, on the shore of lake Velence.

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FM Petér Szijjártó and Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak discussed energy cooperation between the two countries in Moscow

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hungarian Foreign minister Petér Szijjártó and Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak discussed energy cooperation between the two countries in the wake of the cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline project on Monday in Moscow. The two ministers also reviewed Russian gas deliveries to the whole of Central Europe as well as the position of Hungarian gas company Mol on the Russian energy market.

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The Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement donates Christmas presents to families linked to the patriotic community

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) Budapest and Nagykáta member organizations this year too donated food and gifts, including clothing and toys to families in need who linked to the patriotic community. These families raise several children and live under very difficult economic conditions.

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Residents of Vladivostok already know for sure they will have white Christmas

The legendary Russian winter and a sever snow storm hit the famous Russian port city of Vladivostok. The massive snowfall was accompanied by powerful gusts of wind; at some places the snow has already reached the first floor.

According to reports, there has been a heavy snow fall in the center of the port city with a population of 600 thousand since Tuesday.

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PM Viktor Orbán: Let's not rush to judgment on the consequences of the Russian economic situation

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned against rushing to judgment on the possible consequences of the Russian economic situation. Late Thursday evening in Brussels, the prime minister said to journalists "Russian foreign exchange reserves and the Russian military capability are very strong, the Russian economy can be re-organized and Russia remains a major country, which should be treated accordingly."

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Alig két hónappal ezelőtt a hazai liberális sajtó még biztosra vehette a sikert, és annak a küszöbén állt az ország, hogy hazánkban is megismétlődjenek az ukrajnai történések, - hogy Budapesten megismétlődjön az EuroMajdan és annak összes velejárója.

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Swimmer Katinka Hosszú and gymnast Krisztián Berki have been chosen as the best athletes of the year

The Hungarian Sports Journalists Association has chosen Swimmer Katinka Hosszú as the best female athlete of the year and gymnast Krisztián Berki as the best male athlete of the year.

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American billionaire George Soros could be the new president of the Ukrainian Central Bank

Thursday, December 18, 2014

According to Ukrainian television "channel 122", Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko seriously considering to ask billionaire George Soros to lead the Ukrainian Central Bank.

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Western nations want to chain 'the Russian bear' - Putin

Western nations want to chain “the Russian bear,” pull out its teeth and ultimately have it stuffed, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned. He said anti-Russian sanctions are the cost of being an independent nation.

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PM Viktor Orbán's remarks on the US anti-corruption action plan

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Hungarian government still trying to understand the circumstances that prompted the United States government to spend several hundred millions of dollars on an action plan that will be used against two dozen Central and Eastern-European countries with the obvious intent to put pressure on those countries said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday in Belgrade.

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Jobbik tabled a bill in parliament asking all political parties to sign a political declaration of neutrality

The Jobbik party tabled a bill in parliament asking all political parties to sign a political declaration in which Hungary declares its refusal to go to war for the interests of great powers.

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US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and Eastern Europe Victoria Nuland telephoned Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó

US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and Eastern Europe Victoria Nuland telephoned to Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó asking him why Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged the head of the National Taxation Bureau to file a criminal complaint against US Chargé D'affaires André Goodfriend who accused Chairwoman Ildikó Vida of corruption learned

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Hungary, Serbia and China will sign an agreement on the Budapest-Belgrade railway line modernization on Wednesday

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hungary, Serbia and China will sign an agreement on Wednesday on the Budapest-Belgrade railway line modernization, which will be a major transit route through which Chinese goods arrive in Europe from Greek ports announced Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday in Belgrade at the Central and Eastern Europe - China summit.

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Picture of the day: Jobbik runs lawyer Andrea Damm as party-candidate in Veszprém by-election

Jobbik Chairman Gábor Vona introducing party candidate lawyer Andrea Damm to the press. MTI Photo: Bruzák Noémi

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Bloomberg interview: Hungary on Path to Shed Junk Grade and Shield Forint, Orban Says

By Zoltan Simon

Prime Minister Viktor Orban says Hungary is on track to regain its investment grade by reaching an agreement with the banking industry on taxes and lending, phasing out foreign-currency mortgages and trimming the share of non-forint state debt.

Orban also spoke about politics, the economy and foreign policy in a Dec. 12 interview in Budapest.

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Trade unions and NGOs organized nationwide protest backfired

The demonstrations that supposed to launch the color revolution on Monday backfired badly. Protesters didn't achieve any of their goals due to the fact that the population smartly avoided those trouble spots where major traffic disruptions were forecasted.

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US official admitted what everybody has already known

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Hungarian ministry of foreign affairs consulted US Chargé d'affaires André Goodfriend regarding one of the statements made by a US foreign ministry official at the world anti-corruption day learned

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Miss South Africa, 22-year-old Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World 2014, Miss Hungary Edina Kulcsar was judged the runner-up

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Miss South Africa, 22-year-old Rolene Strauss, was crowned Miss World 2014 at the contest's glitzy final in London on Sunday, with an estimated billion viewers watching on television around the globe.

Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsar, was judged the runner-up and Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit, came third in the 64th annual competition, contested by women from 121 countries.

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Foreign orchestrated multi-day protest has begun at parliament

The opening event of an open-ended protest has been held by a coalition of foreign sponsored NGOs at the parliament condemning the Orbán government's policies. Demonstrations are expected to continue through the next few days and the new year; the hope is that the protests will eventually gather enough momentum and explode into a full blown color revolution leading to the removal of the Orbán government.

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The number of Russian visitors traveled to Hungary doubled comparing to the previous year

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca

In the first nine months of this year 14 percent less Russian citizens traveled to abroad than the previous year according to the Russian National Bureau of Statistics; however, more than doubled the number of Russian tourists visited Hungary.

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Picture of the day: Putin on a Nazi hunt

Translation: Girls, have you seen fascists around?

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Radical atlanticist politician outraged over the removal of the EU flag from the parliament office building

LMP party co-chairman Bernadett Szél reported on Facebook that she was surprised not seeing the EU flag at the national assembly office building when she went to work in the morning.

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New poll shows significant drop in Fidesz support among voting age population - Jobbik benefiting from the trend

Thursday, December 11, 2014

According to a new poll by Ipsos, Fidesz party support dropped from 35 to 30 percent among the voting age population between October and November.

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PM Arseniy Jacenyuk: In four years a fence will be constructed the entire length of the 1920 km Ukrainian border with Russia

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kiev is planning to complete the "Wall" projects along the entire Ukrainian - Russian border in four years said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Tuesday.

The European Union is already supplying Ukraine with means needed to strengthen Ukrainian – Russian border security said the prime minister; however, he didn't give further details of the nature of the support.

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The future is already here: Physical education class somewhere in Europe

This video may be inappropriate for some users.

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Chechen president threatens rebels' families with deportation

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov threatened Chechen rebels' families with deportation and the demolition of their homes calling recent rebel attack on a police checkpoint terrorism.

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The equestrian memorial tour crossed into Slovakia and heading for Limanowa, Poland

Eight Hussars and a three member logistics team left Hungary on November 28 to complete the nearly six hundred kilometers memorial tour to Limanowa, Poland at the one hundredth anniversary of the Limanowa battle.

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Anna Filimonova: "There are no cheering people in the streets of Sofia. It would seem they got what they fought for"

Monday, December 8, 2014

Serbia became outraged by cancellation of the South Stream Pipeline. "We cannot be left without energy carriers. Russia owes us this much, because we are suffering a lot for Russia," Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said. Is Nikolic right? Did we need to warn Serbians? Research scientist at the Centre for the study of the Balkan crisis of the Slavic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Anna Filimonova talked on this issue in an interview to Pravda.Ru

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Doha 2014, Day 5: Hosszu and Le Clos are also the best in Doha!

Some days after being awarded the title of FINA Best Swimmers in 2014, Chad Le Clos (RSA) and Katinka Hosszu (HUN) were also the athletes shining the most in the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) held from December 3-7 in Doha (QAT). At the conclusion of the five-day competition, the South African star and the Magyar champion received the Trophy for the Best Male and Female Swimmer of the competition, respectively, after delivering great performances in the Hamad Aquatic Centre.

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The radical atlanticist opposition demanding the release of the content of Orbán-Putin telephone conversation

The radical atlanticist Democratic Coalition that openly represents foreign interest in Hungary demanding that PM Viktor Orbán disclose the content of his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Demonstration supporting the self-determination of Transcarpathia (Kárpátalja) at the ministry of foreign affairs on December 12

Sunday, December 7, 2014

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Hungarian Guard delivers donations to underprivileged children and orphans in Erdély

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Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Gao Jian: Hungary's eastern partnership policy meets China's open door policy to the west

China's western policy meets Hungary's eastern partnership policy, which provides countless new opportunities for both countries said Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Gao Jian in a presentation at Lakitelek College to Ibero-American students on Sunday.

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PM Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed energy issues related to the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project by phone

PM Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed Hungarian-Russian energy cooperation in the light of the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project; the two leaders also discussed perspectives of bilateral relations said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

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Kurultaj organizer, Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró received prestigious Turkish award

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hungarian Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró has been awarded with the Turan Yazgan prize by the "Türk Dünyası Araştırmaları Vakfı" Foundation as an acknowledgment of his contribution to the study and preservation of the history and cultural legacy of the Turkic nations.

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Picture of the day: Gingerbread village of Geresdlak has been baked by local women

Gingerbread (Mézeskalács) village of Geresdlak includes 53 houses. It has been designed and baked by local women. The artwork will be on display in the old school of the village during the holiday season.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: We have to accept the fact that the South Stream dossier has been closed

Friday, December 5, 2014

Here are some of the remarks PM Viktor Orbán made in a radio interview about the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project by Russia.

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Doha 2014, Day 3: Five WR in glorious evening for Hungary

After skipping the heats of the 400m free in the morning, Katinka Hosszu (HUN) was the protagonist of the third day of the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Doha (QAT). The FINA Best Female Swimmer of 2014 strategically decided to be in top shape for her two evening finals, the 200m backstroke and the 100m IM and the choice paid off: in both events, the Magyar great established new World Records! In the backstroke race, she clocked 1:59.23 (improving Missy Franklin’s WR of 2:00.03 from 2011) and became the first woman to swim under the two-minute mark; in the medley event, she touched home in 56.70, bettering her own best time of 56.86 from the Swimming World Cup action last September. After setting also a global best mark in the 100m backstroke on Day 2, Hosszu has now three gold medals and three WR, plus two silver medals in the 200m butterfly and 400m IM.

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Hungarian taekwondokas win valuable ranking points at Turkish Open

Hungarian taekwondokas won two bronze medals and one fifth place at Turkey's G1 class tournament in the 49 and 57 kg categories during the weekend in Antalya-Belek.

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