Chechen president threatens rebels' families with deportation

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov threatened Chechen rebels' families with deportation and the demolition of their homes calling recent rebel attack on a police checkpoint terrorism.

The president of the North Caucasus republic, which is part of the Russian Federation wrote on Instagram community web site, "if a criminal kills a police officer or any other person, the offender's family immediately deported from the territory of Chechnya (...), and the family's home will be demolished" adding that he won't care about the criticism of human rights activists.

Last week, armed insurgents killed five policemen in a checkpoint in the Chechen capital not far from the Presidential Palace, then, the terrorists occupied a government building adjacent to a school. An Anti-Terrorism squad stormed the buildings at dawn, and several hours of firefight all terrorists have been killed.

Russian newspaper Kommersant wrote the militants' intent were unclear, but the fact that they carried explosives indicating that they probably wanted to commit more serious terrorist acts.

"I officially declare that the time when parents are not responsible for their sons or daughters' actions is over” writes the Chechen president. If a father learns that his son involved in terrorism and pursued Wahhabis ideas, he has to report it to authorities and has to do all he can to stop his child from committing a terrorist act.

If a person joins the bandits the chief of the district where the offender resides will be removed from office said the president after consulting with district leaders, judges and police chiefs.

Kadyrov, who is the follower of Sunni Islam, said in Chechnya imitating extremist Wahhabis behavior and dressing code would be prohibited.

Speaking to journalists, the Chechen president claimed that the brother of rebel leader Doku Umarov who was killed last year was behind the armed attack in Grozny. Currently, the bandit is hiding in Turkey. Chechen officials will ask his extradition from the Turkish government as the "chief Satan" has to be held accountable for his crimes writes the Chechen president.

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