Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Gao Jian: Hungary's eastern partnership policy meets China's open door policy to the west

Sunday, December 7, 2014

China's western policy meets Hungary's eastern partnership policy, which provides countless new opportunities for both countries said Chinese Ambassador to Hungary Gao Jian in a presentation at Lakitelek College to Ibero-American students on Sunday.

The Chinese ambassador said in China's new policy towards the west Hungary serves as a regional center.

The ambassador is convinced that due to common goals and common strategy the two countries are getting closer to each other and cooperation will be more intense in the coming years.

The concept of China's western economic policy comparable to the former silk road that connected Asia with Europe.

Gao Jian said the history of China was more than five thousand years old, and the Chinese writing system had been created more than five thousand years ago.

One hundred years ago the last feudal empire of China came to an end; one member of the Qing dynasty traveled to Hungary in 1904 and wrote that Hungarians are the Chinese people's European relatives.

The ambassador recalled that China has tried several development models during its recent history - they wanted to learn from the Western countries then, from the Soviet Union, but these experiments proved to be unsuccessful. But in 1978 China managed to find its own unique socialist development model.

More than 30 years have passed since then and the practice has demonstrated that the new model complies with China's history and tradition he added.

The ambassador emphasized that personally, he felt very close to the Hungarian people.

He stressed that Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi and his poetry is well known in China; he mentioned as an evidence one of Petőfi's famous poem "Freedom and love" from which he quoted a stanza in Hungarian.

The ambassador said Hungarian scientific achievements made the country a big power because it is not the size of the population, or the area, which makes a nation great but its achievements. Hungary is "the nation of inventors" which has given 14 Nobel Prize winners to the world.

Hungary is the only EU member state whose people have eastern flair, which makes relations between our two countries special.

China never forgets that after World War II Hungary has been among the first countries that recognized the People's Republic of China.

Political relations between the two countries are based on mutual trust, which proven by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's visit to China in February.

The ambassador pointed out that economic ties between the two countries greatly improved in the past couple of years. The trade turnover last year exceeded $ 8.5 billion, and Chinese investment in the region was the largest in Hungary exceeding 3 billion dollars.

The ambassador welcomed Sándor Lezsák's announcement that a Chinese-Hungarian literary translation camp will be held at Lakitelek Collage in the summer of 2015 that the Chinese embassy will support because it builds more new bridge between the two peoples.

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