Foreign orchestrated multi-day protest has begun at parliament

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The opening event of an open-ended protest has been held by a coalition of foreign sponsored NGOs at the parliament condemning the Orbán government's policies. Demonstrations are expected to continue through the next few days and the new year; the hope is that the protests will eventually gather enough momentum and explode into a full blown color revolution leading to the removal of the Orbán government.

Today's demonstration at the parliament attracted one to two thousand people – mainly middle-aged crowd and pensioners. They seemingly gathered to protest against the next year budget but the true aim of the demonstration was to stir up anti-government sentiments among the population.

This time corrupt union leaders also attended the gathering in the hope that their presence might entice organized labor to join the demonstration.

The frustration of the foreign puppet-masters that are running the show is quite evident, which can be detected in desperate media attempts to dupe young people into believing that the color revolution was in their interest.

The other day one of the radical atlanticist media outlets published an article on Hitler hoping that the piece attracts young people to their website where they can freely manipulate them. But of course, this didn't work because in Hungary there are no followers of Hitler unlike in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the other day the foreign engineered color revolution uses the same recipe in every country without taking into account the tradition and the historical particularities of the target nations.

This uniform action plan in a certain sense works against them because the one-size-fits-all approach can't work as well as a custom made policy devised for each target nation. In Hungary for instance, they have a hard time to recruit young people, which wasn't the case in Ukraine.

Protest organizers plan to slow highway traffic in the capital on Monday aiming to stir up anti-government sentiments among the ill-informed and the willingly ignorant segment of the population.

The globalist opposition of course, supporting this strategy and the idea to force the Orbán government to resign is very popular in atlanticist circles; the extremist Gyurcsany party with 2 percent popular support already dreaming about an early general election.

Gyurcsany visited Brussels last week where he held talks with several high-ranking EU officials. No doubt that the globalist stooge discussed the prospects of anti-government protests with EU officials.

Earlier the year, former EU Commissioner and Bilderberg attendee Viviane Reding openly called for an anti-government plot promising to work with the plotters to help removing the Orbán government.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

All is well, so long as all the 'atlanticist' (what a cryptic euphemism!) can wheel out is the aging sector of the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

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