Jobbik President Gábor Vona calls for neutrality in case war breaks out between NATO and Russia

Thursday, December 4, 2014

There is a geopolitical game behind the Ukrainian armed conflict and Hungary should stay out of it; this should be made clear right now before the crisis further escalates said Jobbik President Gábor Vona at a press-conference on Wednesday.

According to the Jobbik chairman, the deteriorating international situation and the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine are getting increasingly more threatening for Hungary as the conflict is too close for comfort. Vona added that he didn't want to spread rumors and panic, but the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis was a real danger for Hungary that everybody should be aware of.

Hungary should stay out of any armed conflict between NATO and Russia said the president of Jobbik adding that "no international agreement can override the natural desire of the Hungarian people for peace and neutrality."

Vona calls on the Hungarian political parties to make a pledge if an armed conflict erupts between the mentioned actors Hungary will stay out of it pursuing its own national policies even against the interests of the European Union and NATO by promoting peace and neutrality.

Hungary has nothing to do with the Ukrainian conflict; we urge the international actors to leave Hungary out of this conflict said Vona pointing out that in case Hungary takes part in the conflict Transcarphatian Hungarians can become targets.

Hungary repeatedly stated in the past that it would fulfill its obligations towards NATO, which is a bad omen. The party chairman noted that Hungarian jet-fighters will be involved in the protection of the Baltic airspace next year, in a time of escalating conflict, which has the potential to lead to direct confrontation between Hungarian jets under NATO command and the Russian air-force.

So, I ask all political parties to fall in line behind the declaration of peace and neutrality, and act together by telling our allies in advance that Hungary wants to stay out of this conflict said the head of the national party leader.

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Anonymous said...

It seems, only Vona has learned from the Hungarian experiences of the 20th century, regarding associations and alliances. They've been utterly disastrous - no exceptions.

For alliance lovers, and anti-independence worshipers: please TELL me ONE, just one, association/alliance which had a positive outcome overall for HU? The NATO alliance and the EU membership is already turning into an economic shitpool and possibly a shitstorm as well.

When HU went semi-independent from the Comblock in 1989 August-September during the entire 20th century, THAT alone(!) singularly showed a positive outcome. None before or since.

It shows, how spectacularly stupid (or ANTI - Hungary) the current and previous collection of sociopaths (govt) is/was, who is incapable learning from HU's own mistakes.

There is the saying: "The intelligent learns from other people's mistakes, the average learns from his/her own, but the stupid from neither.

0jr said...

if anyting they shoud kill any and all foriegners if that happens the so called allies ect have stabbed Hungary in the back as with others and needs to be totally exterminated

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