Jobbik tabled a bill in parliament asking all political parties to sign a political declaration of neutrality

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Jobbik party tabled a bill in parliament asking all political parties to sign a political declaration in which Hungary declares its refusal to go to war for the interests of great powers.

The declaration among other things states that nothing can force the country to go to war for foreign interests; the declaration calls on all political parties to work for peace and neutrality.

Jobbik party spokesman Adam Mirkóczki announced the introduction of the bill at a press conference on Wednesday.

The bloody conflict in Ukraine in fact is a global power struggle between the United States and Russia - everybody knows that. This power struggle however, creates grave concerns, because it seems that the war may spill over the Russian-Ukrainian border threatening the entire region with war.

"We are anxiously watching latest developments of the crisis in Ukraine and worrying about a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia, which might draw the neighboring countries or the NATO into the war," said Mirkóczki.

You can read the declaration HERE!!! (in Hungarian)

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Anonymous said...

The Forgotten Christmas Truce of 1914 and the Unlearned Lessons That Could Have Prevented the Century of War 1914 - 2014

It was exactly 100 years ago this month when the Christmas Truce of 1914 occurred, when Christian soldiers on both sides of the infamous No Man’s Land of the Western Front, recognized their common humanity, dropped their guns and fraternized with the so-called enemies that they had been ordered to kill without mercy the day before.
...Many of the men that experienced the moment knew that something deeply profound had happened: a spiritual experience of mutual respect and love that epitomized their mutual Christian upbringing – and they refused to fight and kill when the war was ordered to re-start.
...Unbeknownst to the naive grunts on the front line, the ruling elites had ulterior motives. (The kings, queens, emperors, princes, nobles, kibitzers, veterans, the bankers that financed the wars, the weapons makers and assorted other captains of industry all felt that they would somehow profit from the war.) These war profiteers, too old or influential to go to war themselves, knew how much money could be made in wars, and, in addition, they had the assurance that they would be far from the killing fields.
...Most European governments were not democracies. They were authoritarian, paternalistic and anti-democratic, and there were enormous and often widening gaps between the haves (the 1%) and the have-nots of the lower 99%. Attempts at instituting socialism or representative democracy had been brutally put down by the conservative ruling elite’s obedient police and security forces.
...Most Europeans therefore accepted the rule of the hereditary kings, emperors, princes, nobles and military generals. And, as is also true of non-democratic institutions, everybody was expected to be obedient to those above them in the chain of command and to demand obedience from those below.
...In the century prior to 1914, all European empires had standing armies and military bases both at home and abroad. Nations often negotiate treaties with potential allies that promise that, if one nation was attacked by another treaty-signatory, each would come to the other’s aid. This reality resulted in a very complex web of treaties that was instrumental in starting World War I.
...If the well-meaning Christian boys from England, France, Germany, Russia, Austria, et al (who wound up helplessly suffering in that demonic war) had been, in their childhoods, thoroughly exposed to the ethical teachings of their Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, they might have had the capacity to refuse the invitation to kill their co-religionists on the other side of the battle lines. In fact, if they had really absorbed the message of their all-merciful God, they wouldn’t have been able to slaughter anybody at all.
...Tragically, the anti-Christic propaganda machine prevailed, thanks in part to the censorship of the obedient press (that still persists today) by refusing to do good investigative journalism by sanitizing the horrors of war.

What turned out to be a mutual mass slaughter of a degree never before seen in the history of warfare could have ended 100 years ago this Christmas if every soldier had experienced the peace that was present in the trenches and courageously laid down their weapons forever...

World War I: Lessons from the Christmas Truce of 1914

The Spirit of Christmas and the End to All Wars: The Christmas Truce of 1914

Historical Powder Keg: Is 2014 going to be a 1914 Redux for Europe and the World?

Anonymous said...

CIA torture is reason for France to exit NATO – Le Pen

The shocking revelations of CIA torture techniques give France a reason to exit NATO, National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Saturday. The report on the CIA’s former interrogation practices has drawn wide criticism since its release.

“If indeed everyone is outraged by the tortures used by the US then, let’s leave NATO,” Le Pen said during an interview with Europe 1 radio channel...

Globalization is barbarous, multinationals rule world – Marine Le Pen

Globalization is a barbarity, believes Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, adding that now the world is now in hands of multinational corporations and large international finance.

“Globalization is a barbarity, it is the country which should limit its abuses and regulate it [globalization],” Le Pen wrote on her Twitter account.

The problems of multinational corporations and their worldwide influence were also highlighted by France’s far-right leader.

“Today the world is in the hands of multinational corporations and large international finance,” Le Pen said.

Immigration “weighs down on wages,” while the minimum wage is now becoming the maximum wage, said Le Pen, adding that now France is “dying of physical, legal and fiscal insecurity.”

Le Pen is a vocal critic of Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA), also known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. France is now in the process of negotiations with the US on the controversial deal...

Learning from the EU Experiment (III): The Taboo of Intra-European Conflict

...The EU then exists and has power — above and beyond the interest that national oligarchies find in escaping democratic accountability in arcane proceedings in Brussells and in locking in economic and migratory borderlessness in the European Treaties — through the taboo against nationalism which works because of the power of the idea — widespread among a certain class of educated European — that defending national interest is evil and any clawing back of power from EU institutions is morally wrong.
...This European altruism is only pathological under certain conditions: if it is restricted to fellow Europeans or other peoples who can be expected to reciprocate, it is in fact highly adaptive. This points to one highly valuable thing in the attitude of that MEP I noted above: That violent, nationalist conflict among Europeans should be taboo. After two debilitating fratricidal World Wars, it is good that young Europeans are brainwashed to feel revulsion at the idea of war among themselves. This is a taboo, promoted in the current “globalist Europe,” that we would want to keep in the nationalist Europe of the future.
...It is clear that the “globalist-nationalist dialectic” in Europe will lead to greater opportunities for European consciousness and unity. Globalism is destroying all European Nation-States and their cultures. For example, anyone traveling across Europe is often more likely to hear ugly Anglo-American pop in a bar than anything local...

Anonymous said...

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Prepared for ‘Total War’?

... This information is from Mr. Zacharczenko, Prime Minister of DRL: there are scenes in which representatives of the so-called ‘separatists’, announce through megaphones on the front line, that those who will give up immediately, in the near future, will be able to go home.

Thus, they appeal to those conscripts. Dozens of people with raised hands go into captivity of LRL and DRL. In order to have any chance to return home. While, on the other hand, they know that there can be repressed. They de facto are faced with a choice: whether to go to prison and survive, or become a cannon fodder for the front. We also have a third option and also observe it here in Poland. This option is emigration. Therefore, we will have an increased outflow of young men at military age in Ukraine. People who do not want to die in these terrible conditions, not in theirs interests but oligarchic....

Over 1.2Mln EU Citizens Sign Anti EU-US Free Trade Agreement Petition

... The petition organized by Stop TTIP, whose name stands for the "Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership," will continue through September 2015, after which the signatures collected will be handed over to the European Commission.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is currently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States. Should it be signed, it will eliminate trade barriers and alleviate the purchase and sale of goods and services between the European Union and the United States, according to the EU...

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