New poll shows significant drop in Fidesz support among voting age population - Jobbik benefiting from the trend

Thursday, December 11, 2014

According to a new poll by Ipsos, Fidesz party support dropped from 35 to 30 percent among the voting age population between October and November.

Only Jobbik party could increase its support during this period. The atlanticist opposition that openly represents foreign interests in the country couldn't take advantage of the declining Fidesz support.

Socialist party support is unchanged from the previous month currently, 11 percent; the other atlanticist fringe parties are still below the five percent threshold limit necessary to win a seat in the national assembly despite the fact that the corporate media promoting them twenty-four hours a day.

The poll found that most supporters that left the Fidesz party joined the ranks of undecided voters as this segment of the electorate grew from 30 to 39 percent during the period when the poll was conducted.

Among decided voters Fidesz support is still 45 percent, Jobbik gained 24 percent and the atlanticist Socialist party 18 percent support during this period.

What especially noteworthy is the fact that among young people including university students the race between Jobbik and Fidesz is very close, the two parties almost tied.

In the age group under 30 Fidesz has 25 and Jobbik 21 percent support according to the poll. Among the unemployed Fidesz and Jobbik tied - both attracting 21 percent support.

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