PM Viktor Orbán: Let's not rush to judgment on the consequences of the Russian economic situation

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned against rushing to judgment on the possible consequences of the Russian economic situation. Late Thursday evening in Brussels, the prime minister said to journalists "Russian foreign exchange reserves and the Russian military capability are very strong, the Russian economy can be re-organized and Russia remains a major country, which should be treated accordingly."

"Let's not rush into judgment." Russia should not be seen as a fatally wounded country. "It is a serious player, and will remain so in the future as well" said the prime minister.

Viktor Orbán said these things after a meeting of the heads of states of the EU countries in Brussels. He said there were EU countries that the Ukrainian crises more severely affected than Hungary; they have recorded major losses due to the announced sanctions against Russia.

In addition to the previously announced 17 billion euros Ukraine needs at least another 15 billion; in other words, the county is in dire need of EUR 32 billion said the prime minister adding that even after that the country would need the same amount annually until the Ukrainian economy recovers, "about which today we know nothing for sure."

There are significant differences of opinion among the EU countries assessing the situation in Ukraine and Russia but they wish to show unity.

"We support Ukrainian sovereignty and we won't introduce new sanctions against Russia," said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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