PM Viktor Orbán's remarks on the US anti-corruption action plan

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Hungarian government still trying to understand the circumstances that prompted the United States government to spend several hundred millions of dollars on an action plan that will be used against two dozen Central and Eastern-European countries with the obvious intent to put pressure on those countries said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday in Belgrade.

As a result of the US announcement, the Hungarian parliament found itself in an awkward situation said Orbán. The government currently investigating whether there is any correlation between the US action plan and the ongoing free trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States.

The US practically declared Hungary a battlefield that nobody likes added the prime minister who is in Belgrade attending the Central-Europe-China Summit.

It is not right that we had to learn from a public lecture that the US government was working on an action plan with the obvious intent to put pressure on several governments of the region by organizing and funding civilian organizations that protest against government's policies said MP Viktor Orbán.

If anybody wants to work with us for any good purpose we are always open to discussions; there is no need to put pressure on us, there is no need to finance programs behind our back, and there is no need to devise any kind of action plan against us because we base our policies on common sense and we are always ready to cooperate with anyone for a good cause explained the prime minister.

The Hungarian government wants to find a way out of this uncomfortable situation as soon as possible. "It is better if we inform the Hungarian people what's going on." Hungarians are very irritated by the conspiratorial nature of the US action plan - they don't talk to us openly, the Hungarian people are accustomed to straight talk said Orbán.

The prime minister believes that it is important that the national assembly debate the the US action plan in order that those who are interested in the matter can see clearly what's going on.

The prime minister reacted to a statement by US State Department Official Sarah Sewall who argued that corruption makes countries vulnerable to internal and external manipulation from the Balkans to the Black Sea to the Bay of Bengal. We recognize these dangers, and our embassies currently working to draw up action plans in dozens of Eastern and Central-European countries to support local anti-corruption reforms the foreign ministry official said.



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