Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: We have to accept the fact that the South Stream dossier has been closed

Friday, December 5, 2014

Here are some of the remarks PM Viktor Orbán made in a radio interview about the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project by Russia.

Hungary's strategic interests remain the same - Hungary needs a gas pipeline, which bypasses Ukraine.

The prime minister said: if the Russians say the South Stream pipeline project is closed we can do one thing - take note of it.

After the cancellation of the Nabucco and the South Stream pipeline projects now, we have to look for other options to secure Hungary's energy needs.

In this regard, the prime minister reminded his audience that there was a strategic agreement between Azerbaijan and Hungary, which included energy cooperation between the two countries as well; this means new opportunities for Hungary - now, we have to start working to make this agreement into reality.

Orbán stressed that in the future competitiveness will be determined by the cost of energy. He noted that Brussels in all probability will attack the reduction of utility costs implemented by the Hungarian governments, which must be defended in the upcoming summit.

Responding to a question, which raised the possibility of Russia's withdrawal from the construction of the Paks nuclear power plant the prime minister noted that all international agreements are signed by at least two sides; if one party withdraws from the agreement the project won't be realized. The contract also specifies what are the consequences if one of the parties withdraws from the project he added.

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0jr said...

they never were gonig to build it and just used it as a barining chip to fool you and give them reason to implment sanctions the west and east is evil and Hungary should become a neutral country

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