Radical atlanticist politician outraged over the removal of the EU flag from the parliament office building

Saturday, December 13, 2014

LMP party co-chairman Bernadett Szél reported on Facebook that she was surprised not seeing the EU flag at the national assembly office building when she went to work in the morning.

I noticed that the EU flag disappeared from the balcony of the office building she writes; then, I started investigating and it turned out that the flag was removed from the building by the management at the instruction of House Speaker Lászó Kövér.

The speaker ordered the removal of the EU flag from all office buildings where non-union related activities take place. "If I understand it correctly, the parliament is not that kind of place" wrote the indignant atlanticist politician.

Flying the EU flags on the national assembly has long been a subject of debate among representatives. In May the speaker of the house ordered the removal of the EU flag from Parliament building and in November from the chamber of the national assembly.

The radical atlanticist opposition repeatedly protested against the move; recently, two members of the opposition personally visited the house speaker asking him to return the flag to them because it was their private property.

Jobbik is pleased that although only several years after their first request, the house speaker finally ordered the removal of the EU flag from the parliament office building. The national assembly symbolizes national sovereignty; therefore, to fly the flag of an organization that openly seeks to eliminate Hungarian statehood is unjustified writes Levente Murányi and Előd Novák.

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