Russia will arm Donetsk people militia if the Americans arm Kiev

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Russian State Duma reacted to US President Barack Obama's announcement indicating the US willingness to transfer military equipment accumulated in Afghanistan to the Ukrainian armed forces. The lower house of the Russian parliament warned the US president to think of the consequences of such a move.

If the US decides to arm the Kiev army Russia may consider arming the Donbas militia said the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, F. Klinchevich.

Klinchevich stressed that it was still not too late to stop such a self-generating process and called on the US president to reconsider the plan and think about the consequences of the redeployment of these weapons in a country neighbor to Russia.

The LDPR faction of the Russian parliament tabled a draft resolution on November 10, recommending to the ministry of defense and the Collective Security Treaty Organization to create a Russian military infrastructure for foreign nationals.

The bill proposes the deployment of the Russian Foreign Legion in Novorossiya to ensure the safety of the breakaway eastern counties of Ukraine.

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