The equestrian memorial tour crossed into Slovakia and heading for Limanowa, Poland

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eight Hussars and a three member logistics team left Hungary on November 28 to complete the nearly six hundred kilometers memorial tour to Limanowa, Poland at the one hundredth anniversary of the Limanowa battle.

Participants of the tour made up by professional and reservist members of the Hungarian Armed Forces as well as members of the Hussars Sports Association that have lots of experiences in endurance horseback riding.

One hundred years ago, between November 28 and December 18, 1914 Hungarian hussars stopped advancing Russian troops near Limanowa and pushed them back towards Krakow.

On their way to Limanowa, the hussars pay tribute to all First World War memorials. The memorial tour crossed the Hungarian-Slovak border over the weekend near Bánréve.

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Géza said...

One word, respect for these hussars!!

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