The radical atlanticist opposition demanding the release of the content of Orbán-Putin telephone conversation

Monday, December 8, 2014

The radical atlanticist Democratic Coalition that openly represents foreign interest in Hungary demanding that PM Viktor Orbán disclose the content of his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The atlanticist party that wants to eliminate Hungarian statehood called on PM Viktor Orbán to immediately release the details of the conversation. [...] Representatives of the party that commit high treason on a daily basis want to know whether the prime minister discussed the possibility of constructing a new facility that might replace the abandoned South Stream pipeline.

The radical atlanticist opposition's primarily goal is to make sure that nothing jeopardizes the radicalization of the Euro-Atlantic integration - in other words the creation of a United States of Europe with a number of vassal states ruled by the empire.

The Gyurcsany party also drew attention to the fact that the Orbán government only belatedly reported the telephone conversation, long after the Russian press have already dealt with the subject.

The Gyurcsanyist party that functions as a fifth column institution, openly supports every western initiative that aims to weaken Hungarian statehood and to relegate the country to the status of a permanent protectorate.

In a phone call on Saturday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin discussed energy related issues in the light of the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project.

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