Trade unions and NGOs organized nationwide protest backfired

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The demonstrations that supposed to launch the color revolution on Monday backfired badly. Protesters didn't achieve any of their goals due to the fact that the population smartly avoided those trouble spots where major traffic disruptions were forecasted.

The ambitious project has been kicked off according to a well-orchestrated scenario in dozens of cities across the country Monday morning by “trade unions” that came out of nowhere and foreign sponsored NGOs. The original plan was to cause major chaos across the country by slowing down traffic in cities and towns.

The trade unions targeted 62 locations in the country by using 1600 vehicles to block one lane of traffic on major highways between 7 am and 4 pm. But apart from one or two locations the action plan didn't work simply because commuters avoided the most advertised trouble spots.

Due to the hype and the twenty-four hour promotion of the event by the corporate media several days before the demonstrations started commuters used public transportation to go to work. Actually, the promotion of the event turned out to be a scare campaign convincing people that it was better to leave their cars at home, which of course, wasn't the goal of the promoters but to attract more people to the cause.

All in all, the first major event that supposed to kick off the color revolution turned out to be a dismal failure.

Corporate media coverage of the event tell you everything about the Monday's performance. In the morning the reports were still euphoric and brazenly manipulative trying to blow the event out of proportion by presenting it as something historic; but by the afternoon when it became clear that the demonstrations didn't turn out the way organizers expected due to the above-mentioned reasons the enthusiasm of the journalists subsided and by the evening most of the reports disappeared from corporate media websites.

Things have the nasty habit to remain stable only within certain limits, beyond that they tend to produce an opposite effect. This is an ancient observation, which inspired wise-men throughout the ages to preach the doctrine of the golden mean. The corporate media should pay heed to this timeless truth before they launch their next campaign.



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