A couple of thousand people demonstrated at Budapest Opera House Friday night to keep the dream of the color revolution alive

Friday, January 2, 2015

The radical atlanticist media was disappointed at poor turnout for the anti-government protest at the Opera House Friday night. Only a few thousand middle-aged people and retirees showed up at the rally to carry forward the torch of the color revolution.

The protest has been organized by foreign funded NGOs on Fuckbook and organizers expected a much larger turnout as about ten-thousand people indicated to attend the show, but no more than 2-3000 people turned up.

According to news reports, the speeches of the speakers were so boring that only the chilly wind prevented some people from falling asleep.

About two dozen counter-demonstrators also showed up raising down with the EU signs, which a bit livened up the show allowing the crowd to chant their favorite slogan “Nazis go home”. Soon after this minor incident the rally ended and the crowed rushed home to catch the Friday night music club featuring “Fekete Pákó”.

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Anonymous said...

I was a JOKE. An egg on the Judeo-American face. They've been at it for months, organizing behind the scenes, planted "news" ; daily relentless bashing the government/Fidesz/Orban; derogatory articles everywhere daily, and then THIS.

Under 5000 "protesters".
Laughable, pathetic putrid little clowns.

Always watch for the professionally done signs carried by the "protesters". There are a number that want to look home made, (i.e: real, grass roots) but look closer, and you see the PRFESSIONAL calligraphy/work. They were color printed on large scale printers - at great expense - and then professionally mounted. The frequent use of English is also for propaganda purposes - for outside of HU consumption.
The Hungarian gov't speaks and reads Hungarian.

To the USA rectums: This is NOT the Ukraine.

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