Long term natural gas deal with Russia is essential to maintain economic growth said PM Viktor Orbán in Brussels

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hungary must negotiate a long term natural gas deal with Russia to ensure economic growth and secure domestic gas supply said PM Viktor Orbán on Friday in Brussels.

The prime minister stated that he was confident that the main points of a gas deal can be worked out with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Budapest visit next month.

"Everyone would like to know what will be the topics of discussion. So do I". The prime minister said German Chancellor Angela Merkel would visit Hungary a few weeks before Russian President Vladimir Putin official visit.

Regarding the cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline the prime minister said, even if it had been completed it wouldn't have solved all problems, but at least, it would have provided an alternative delivery route bypassing Ukraine.

"But the South Stream is now a thing of the past, the problems however, have remained; currently, there are only ideas of what to do next" pointed out Orbán.

The Prime Minister stated that the European Union consists of 28 Member States, and regarding relations with Russia there are as many views as the number of countries because the situation of each country is different.

I have been telling people for twenty years calmly and plainly, when we joined the European Union we chose allies and not bosses said the prime minister, adding that Hungary had no boss.

The prime minister paid a courtesy visit to Brussels to meet the new leaders of the European Union including Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk.

"I do not like sneaky foreign policy" said the prime minister, it is better to clarify our position immediately at the outset, to see if positions differ; this can lead to short term conflicts, but in the long run this creates confidence.

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