Gypsies of Pilis claim that Socialist party candidate offered them 10 kg of potatoes if vote for him

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gypsies of Pilis accusing the Socialist party candidate of corruption; according to several local gypsy leaders, Socialist party candidate offered 10 kg of potatoes to poor gypsies who were willing to vote for him at weekend by-election.

N1TV interviewed several gypsy residents of the town who told the reporter that socialist campaign workers visited the gypsy neighborhood and encouraged poor gypsies to vote for the Socialist party candidate. Several gypsies were upset, because although they did vote for the socialist candidate they still haven't received the promised potatoes. Others were angry because they didn't hear about this opportunity of receiving free potatoes. The head of the local gypsy council complained that unscrupulous politicians exploiting poor gypsies.

Police and the local Election Commission investigating the electoral fraud.


Due to massive and systematic fraud in Sunday's by-election the Local Election Commission nullified the election results and ordered new election. As it was reported earlier, Socialist party candidate won the by-election by bribing gypsies with 10 kg of potatoes. If the appeal court upholds the verdict new election should be held on February 22.

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