Hungarophobe crowd demonstrates at Jobbik headquarters

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hungarophobe crowd including half a dozen probably foreign paid punks demonstrated at Jobbik headquarters Tuesday evening to express their outrage over Jobbik vice-President Előd Novák's New Year remarks regarding the name of Hungary's first baby of 2015.

Hungary's first baby of 2015 was born in Csongrád county to a gypsy couple; the baby boy was named after Latino soup opera star Rikardó. Jobbik vice-President Előd Novák whose wife Dóra Dúró gave birth to their third child this year made a post on Facebook noting that the Hungarian population was also growing and uploaded a photo of his family. (Note: Hungarian gypsies “adopted” a bizarre habit of naming their children after Latino soup opera stars. Today, an increasing number of gypsies have Latino names, like Mario, Rikardó, Renátó and so on – to confine to Hungarian pronunciation rules the original spelling of these foreign names have to be changed which make them sometimes incredibly ridiculous. When Hungarians come across a name like that – which is completely foreign to Hungarian tradition - they know right away that person is gypsy. When you encounter a weird phenomenon like this you are justified to suspect a hidden hand behind the odd occurrence assuming that the uneducated ethnic group was coached by those keen to maintain ethnic tension in Hungarian society. The champions of ethnic division know that by manipulating gypsies into adopting strange habits make them subject to ridicule during their whole lives so entrenching ethnic tension in Hungarian society for years to come.)

The liberal opposition was also outraged over Novák's remark. Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany was so enraged over the Facebook post that as a sign of solidarity with the new born baby he adopted the name Rikardó.

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blind people, indoctrinated, brainwashed by the liberal left ideology with their own agenda!

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