Hungary can't provide refuge to economic migrants remarked PM Viktor Orbán to M1 news correspondent in Paris

Monday, January 12, 2015

We have to discuss immigration and related cultural issues honestly and much more openly than before PM Victor Orbán told M1 TV in Paris on Sunday. The prime minister hopes that after assessing the current situation a calm and rational analysis of events will follow, which might take the leaders of Europe to the direction of introducing limits on current immigration practices in Europe.

"Economic immigration is a bad thing, it can't be viewed as a good thing; it brings only trouble to Europe, so it must be stopped at least, that is the Hungarian government's position on the issue" Orbán said.

It is clear that there are countries and Hungary is one of them, which have always said that immigration was a bad thing. Refugees that come to Europe for political reasons "should be given preferential treatment," but for migrants that leave their countries for economic reasons we can not provide shelter said the prime minister.

Orbán noted that compared to western Europe Hungary had a small number of residents "with different cultural backgrounds," and even those successfully integrated into Hungarian society.

The minorities who live with us causing no problem at all and their numbers do not increase to the extent that would give us headaches said Orbán.

"However, it should be made crystal clear that we will not allow - at least, until I am the prime minister of the country and as long as this government is in power - that Hungary to become a prime destination for immigrants". "We do not want to see among ourselves a significant number of minority of different cultural backgrounds and characteristics because we would like to preserve Hungary as it is today," said the prime minister.

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Anonymous said...

The rectum West babble like deranged lunatics about immigrants and economic immigration and if its "humanity" and "benefits".
Absolutely NOTHING humane or beneficial happened to Hungary following this path.

Orban talks with actual, SOLID Hungarian EXPERIENCE with disastrous results of which the West is utterly clueless, even though they did it to us.

In 1920 Hungary lost 2/3rds of its land b/c of CENTURIES of unfettered ECONOMIC immigration into Hungary by various ethnicities; the Romanians Vallachia into Transylvania, the Serbs from the South and Kosovo into Vojvodina, the Slovaks from the Tatra mountains into upper Hungary (today a large chunk of Slovakia).

Orban got it right. We paid a horrendous price for unfettered economic immigration, no parallel exists in the entire Europe during the past thousand (or more years).

Atta boy Orban, those mofos should be told.

Géza said...

Well said!!!!

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