Jobbik Chairman Gábor Vona: Terrorism immigrated to Europe

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Islam is not the enemy, but terrorism that immigrated to Europe. The continent is full.

In an extraordinary press-conference Friday morning, Jobbik President Gábor Vona talked about the European Union and Hungary's responsibility to confront terrorism.

The Jobbik party chairman made crystal clear that his party condemned the Wednesday's terrorist attack calling it a despicable act of violence that all political parties and civilian organizations should condemn. Gábor Vona believes that by January 7, a new era began in Europe; the terrorist attack created a new situation confirming that terrorists don't target only distant countries - terrorism "has immigrated to Europe".

The Jobbik politician pointed out that despite the horrific nature of the crime he couldn't say that the violence has come as a surprise because security experts had warned some time ago that terrorism could be exported to Europe. Vona believes that what is happening in Paris is not a one-time event, but the beginning of a trend.

"Up until now, Europe has done nothing to prevent such events, but instead, buried its head in the sand trying to maintain a false sense security with fraudulent arguments..." said the radical national leader.

According to Vona, Europe must give new answers to the new situation, but before, Europe must clarify its own terminology. We need to confront terrorism, and not Islam, or Islamic culture, otherwise, more serious problems will arise in the future.

With regard to immigration, Vona stressed that Europe's borders should be marked with signs that say: “the continent is full, it can't accommodate more immigrants”.

What happened in France, the next week could happen in UK, Germany, Austria, or Hungary.

The Jobbik president believes that Hungary should call its soldiers home from the battlefields of Asia not to raise terrorist threats in the country.

Hungary should declare zero-tolerance on immigration, even if immigration does not affect the country as seriously as the western part of Europe the mayors of southern border towns reporting horrifying stories about illegal immigration into the country said Vona.

The Jobbik politician warned that there was a risk that western-Europe might want to divert immigration towards the east; therefore, Hungary should make crystal clear that the country won't be a partner in this project. While hundreds of thousands of young people leave the country to find job abroad, Hungary can't accommodate immigrants who are unable to integrate into society.

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Géza said...

what those "terrorist" believe and did, is eaxctly islam. Mohammed acted and thought his followers exactly this. Vona is blind for the true face of islam for a very long time in the first place. I want to ad, the God of the Bible is not the same as the (moon) god of islam!!

But it is not just about islam, a huge mistake, it is about allien races and their cultures coming to Europe and taking over our countries sooner then people think if we don't stop it!

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