Jobbik opposed the suspension of Russia's voting rights in the Council of Europe

Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Hungarian parliamentary delegation Jobbik was the only party that opposed the Council of Europe's decision to suspend the voting rights of the Russian delegation.

We believe that the decision was extremely biased and one-sided, as it blamed Russia alone for the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. At the same time, the decision ignores the Kiev government's human rights abuses, and it turns a blind eye over intelligence operations of the US and several EU Member States in Ukraine, as well as media manipulations, and the coup d'etat perpetrated by behind the scene forces write Jobbik deputy-floor leader Márton Gyöngyösi in a press release.

But, we oppose the proposal on philosophical grounds as well. The Council of Europe is the only pan-European organization where dialogue can be maintained among the various sides. Curtailing the rights of the Russian delegation ruins chances for peace in the war-thorn regions of Ukraine, which might have unpredictable consequences for Europe. Jobbik firmly believes that the exclusion of political solution from the process does not serve the interests of any member state of the Council of Europe conclude the press release.

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