Jobbik President Gábor Vona: "Je ne suis pas Charlie

Friday, January 16, 2015

The massacre in Paris where terrorists executed in cold blood half of a newsroom staff happened more than a week ago. The incident shook the whole world, and everyone clearly condemned the terrorist act. So did I and the Jobbik party.

Since then, a number of people use the slogan "Je suis Charlie" to show solidarity with the satirical publication. Far fewer people claim the opposite, but after a day of tribute, I wish to belong to this latter group. All the more because the next week, the trash publication Charlie Hebdo will go on sale in Hungary, so I found it important to clarify where I stand: "Je ne suis pas Charlie"

I'm not willing to identify with those that depict the crucified Jesus on the beach sun tanning because I don't consider this culture or joke, or part of free speech. I have the same view on the caricature that depicting a deceased nun performing oral sex in heaven and other vile filth that the satirical weekly regularly publishes. It is shocking that such a publication will be published in Hungary to make money or whatever the reasons behind the decision. (All this otherwise, increase the risk of a terrorist attack against Hungary. "Thanks them for that…)

I condemn terrorism, and killing people in any form. Even the most disgusting caricature can't be a reason for all that has happened. But! There are certain forces that want to compel Europeans to chose between terrorism and the ideology represented by the extremist weekly. Well, for me this is a false issue. I do not want to stand behind any of them because both represent hate. The killers are armed terrorists, the editorial staff of the satirical weekly are terrorists by words. Both driven by hate and both produce hate. The terrorists' crimes are more serious, no question about that but that is not a reason for anyone to identify with the other side, because whoever does that, even with his best intention identifies himself with another form of hatred.

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Anonymous said...

Any human being that gets offended by a cartoon drawing , is nothing more than adolescent child , these paris shooters and anyone who supports them should be deported from europe back to the middle east. It is quite rediculous that vona supports turkey when it is turkey, isreal, U.S, and Saudi arabia are the ones who created isis to fight assad and iran, and create chaos to make people suffer, especially to eliminate christians from arab lands , erdogan of turkey is a fanatic who dreams of reconquering ottoman empire lands which includes hungary , violence is written into islamic teachings and muslims will deny this assuming that they think you never read their quran and when you tell otherwise they try to claim racism which the liberal west has taught them to use to their advantage , it is written in the quran if you cannot convert an infidel than you may kill them in the name of allah , the quran is a book that starts off peaceful and gets more violent as it progresses luring weak minded readers to its will and eventually driving them mad, it is mind boggling that vona and jobbik supports turkey , i figure they do it just in defiance of the zionists , but this is the whole game and it is a never ending cycle as long as politicians allow it to continue. The game was created knowing that most humans have a redundany glitch in their brains and will get stuck in this this loop. Until Human beings learn to grow up as a species we will always have this constant threat of chaos and destruction.

Géza said...

I agree with most of what you wrote. I am also surprised about "christian" Jobbik and Turkey and islam in general. Or it is a serious lack of knowledge about the teachings of islam and the real face of the political class of Turkey or they think muslims are a good ally against the zionist. Whatever it is, never get into an unholy alliance with muslims they are as much our enemies as the zionist (liberal left, communist ect.)

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