Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas: Let's make the European Union GMO-free zone!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas called on the EU countries to form an alliance against the plan to introduce genetically modified agricultural products to Europe and make the continent a GMO-free zone; the minister made the comment in Berlin on Saturday at the Global Food and Agriculture Forum (GFFA).

Fazekas told reporters that countries that committed themselves to keep Europe GMO-free must form an alliance if they want to maintain a healthy environment and ensure healthy food supply to the population: "We believe that food production in the EU and in Hungary can remain competitive by maintaining traditional methods of farming and animal husbandry."

Collaboration is absolutely necessary because we need to represent the majority of the people; it is our shared responsibility to provide secure and healthy food to the population emphasized Fazekas.

The minister stressed that at present 13 of the 28 EU countries banned GMO crops, and the rest were still undecided. If all countries adopt the Hungarian proposal, the EU as a whole can remain a GMO-free zone said the Hungarian politician.

The minister of agriculture remarked that Hungary's strategic interests and priorities to keep the country GMO-free laid down in the constitution as well.

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Anonymous said...
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Géza said...

Sounds nice, but also mr. Fazekas knows about talks between the EU about the new free trade treaty with the USA and this will not only destroy the farmers, but also GMO free zones. It also gives the international companies the power to go to a special court against governments and their own laws.

Secondly, the EU wants to ban free seed use and force farmers to buy just a few seeds from seed companies...

Wake up people, the EU and the USA are a curse for the Europian nations!

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