New poll by Ipsos shows that the Fidesz party still leads among both decided and undecided voters, Jobbik is second

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

According to the survey, among decided voters Fidesz leads by 44% followed by Jobbik with 24% and the Socialist party with 19% support.

The foreign sponsored fringe parties (LMP 6%, DK 3%, Együtt 1%, PM 1%) that are behind recent anti-government protests close to or below the 5% threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament.

Undecided voters also increased slightly, currently at 41% among the general population.

According to the poll, there are two groups of voters where the Jobbik party ahead of Fidesz – among the unemployed and skilled workers.

In these segments of the population, Jobbik has 22-18%, and 23-18% lead over the Fidesz party. Among youth under the age of 30 Fidesz still has a slight lead over Jobbik 22-20%.

The survey shows that the foreign sponsored anti-government demonstrations couldn't turn the tide of public opinion against the government and the opposition parties couldn't benefit from the anti-government protests despite the ongoing anti-government hate campaigns by the liberal media. The reason for this is that the majority of the population understand who are behind these demonstrations.

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