PM Viktor Orbán: Hungarian-Russian political and economic co-operation must continue

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maintaining good economic and political relations with Russia despite the tense international situation is essential said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday in Kossuth Radio morning show when he was asked about German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visits to Budapest.

Orbán indicated that the two visits fall in two different categories; while Merkel's visit has the timetable and the agenda, until Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit is still under organization and still doesn't have a specific agenda; but it seems that the visit will be realized "sooner rather than later in 2015".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit has "different taste", because the two leaders meet regularly in Brussels; her visit "seems less extraordinary, it will be a regular diplomatic affair” said the prime minister.

Regarding the emerging new cold war, the prime minister stressed that Hungary wants to stay out of any conflict, which “we have nothing to do” while, Hungary should remain a reliable ally of the European Union and NATO; we can't allow to be dragged into the emerging cold war - neither by the Russians nor the Americans.

Hungary needs to maintain good secure relations both with Germany and Russia. Commenting on Russian – Hungarian relations, the prime minister stressed that maintaining good relations with Russia requires cooperation between the two countries.

Regarding the tension in Hungarian-American bilateral relations the prime minister said "there were times when relations were better", "today, this is what we have." "We can't allow any aspects of our national sovereignty to be compromised." This is the basic principle on which we need to build better cooperation in political affairs," as economic and military cooperation between the two countries are excellent said Orbán.

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